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Can Smartphone Apps Improve Mental Health?

apps to train the mind

Social networks continue to occupy the throne of most used applications and it is very difficult to take away the status in which they currently are. More than 40% of the world population logs on a daily social network.

apps to train the mind

But, how much can the use of these platforms affect us? The answer has been found by a scientific team that found benefits in our mental health by uninstalling Facebook.

How Does The Study Was Realize?

This research was carried out by scientists from the universities of New York and Standford (USA). This study is considered the most exhaustive that has been carried out at present in relation to social networks.

It consisted of following around 3,000 people, and it may be paradoxical since they were selected as a result of an advertisement published on said platform.

Half of those selected deactivated their accounts and were ordered to uninstall Facebook from their smartphones for a month. Meanwhile, the other half went through their usual routine. Throughout the research, participants carried out topical tests and described their mood daily.

Uninstalling Social Media is Beneficial

The conclusion they obtained is that those users who were asked to uninstall Facebook showed that they could engage in socializing with friends and family in person or carry out other activities that were not related to the Internet.

Thanks to this disconnection, users were happier and reduced their anxiety and depression rates. When these users returned to the social network, they had drastically reduced their session hours compared to the group that remained active in the month of investigation.

The part that can be considered as negative with respect to those users who disconnected from social platforms is that their current knowledge was reduced.

Addiction and Digital Disconnection

Many users have been connected since we got up, whether for social or work reasons. These types of routines are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a digital addiction.

The digital addiction is defined as a disease that takes its toll on millions of users around the world and we must avoid falling into the clutches of the big network.

For this reason, it is recommended to use digital disconnection since we will obtain great benefits in our health.

For example, users who resort to digital disconnection achieve better performance at work, prevent psychological illnesses and improve sleep quality.

Many companies, such as Telefonica, are committed to using digital disconnection towards their employees so that their relationship in the workplace is of better quality.

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