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How To Pay Medical Bills On Peryourhealth

Bill payments are becoming a considerable hassle these days. A lot of people cannot visit payment centers physically. It is a necessity to pay these bills from home. PerYourHealth is an online website for making your health insurance payments. Also, you can check this¬† for more updates. Users can make payments to their hospital […]

Pause Video Recording on an iPhone

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How to Pause Video Recording on an iPhone

The iPhone camera is simply great, however, the iOS default Camera app is not the most powerful we can have. It is a simple app that seeks a good user experience without powerful settings, but that is what the App Store is for. In the app store, we have great camera applications, which allow us […]


Internet Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

We collect a long list of tricks that you can use to surf the web like a ninja. We hope that after reading them all your life will not be the same. Whether you have been surfing the Internet for years and remember the days of Netscape and Geocities, or just a month ago you […]

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What Is The Use Of Having Your Own Personal Website?

On previous occasions, we have talked about different services that help us launch a personal page. In the early days of the Internet, doing this involved writing HTML code to a file, uploading it to an FTP server, and crossing your fingers to make everything look correct in your web browser. Fortunately, we have evolved […]

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Can Smartphone Apps Improve Mental Health?

Social networks continue to occupy the throne of most used applications and it is very difficult to take away the status in which they currently are. More than 40% of the world population logs on a daily social network. But, how much can the use of these platforms affect us? The answer has been found […]