Internet Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

We collect a long list of tricks that you can use to surf the web like a ninja. We hope that after reading them all your life will not be the same. Whether you have been surfing the Internet for years and remember the days of Netscape and Geocities, or just a month ago you discovered Facebook; There are always things that are overlooked, small details that can make the experience of using the Internet something much cooler than it already is. Keyboard shortcuts, browser functions you didn’t know existed, simpler solutions to common problems than you imagined, and even services you never needed until you tried them for the first time.

Internet browsing Tricks

Although I have spent years extracting as much juice as possible from the web, it is impossible to know everything and be an expert in nothing. You always discover new things, there is always a little trick here that you did not know, and a useful page there that gets you out of trouble. For all Internet citizens, here are just 15 tips to make surfing the web happier.

Do A Reverse Search Of Any Image

Already in Bitelia, we have explained what is the reverse search for images and how to do them, but that simple method is slow and complicated compared to this one. If you use Google Chrome you just have to press the “S” key on your keyboard and right-click on any image you are seeing in the browser to perform an immediate reverse search. Isn’t it great?

Note: this same shortcut in Firefox sets the image as the desktop background. If you want to search make a search by image in a single click, from this browser you can install the Search by Image for Google plugin.

Complete A URL By Pressing 2 Keys

From all browsers, anything you type in the address bar can be surrounded by www. and .com by simply pressing the Ctrl + Enter keys.

Restore The Last Closed Tab

If it has happened to you like many, and you closed a tab by mistake, simply press the Ctrl + Shift + T key combination in your browser, you restore the last closed tab immediately.

Copy A URL Without Moving The Mouse Pointer

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox and want to copy the address of the page that you see at that moment, or you have to make the enormous effort to move the cursor, select the text and copy it. All you need to do is press the Ctrl + L keys and this will highlight the address immediately, a simple Ctrl + C then you already have the URL on the clipboard.

Clear The Cache In The Blink Of An Eye

Surely more than once you have had to empty the cache of your browser for some websites to load well, or simply to delete temporary files and improve the performance of Chrome. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + R automatically clears the cache and refreshes the current page.

Browse Incognito

By now I imagine most people know what it’s like to sail this way. Private or incognito browsing lets you browse freely without any of your data being stored in the browser. No history is saved, no accounts you use, no downloads, not even cookies. Once the window is closed it is as if nothing had happened.

To start a private tab in Firefox only need to press Ctrl + Shift + P, and Chrome is the same but change the letter to the end: Ctrl + Shift + N.

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