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How to Pause Video Recording on an iPhone

Pause Video Recording on an iPhone

The iPhone camera is simply great, however, the iOS default Camera app is not the most powerful we can have. It is a simple app that seeks a good user experience without powerful settings, but that is what the App Store is for. In the app store, we have great camera applications, which allow us to perform functions such as pausing a video recording.

Pause Video Recording on an iPhone

If you want to pause a video while you are recording it and then re-record and the video continues right after, you will have to download an app to do it since the iPhone Camera app does not allow it. But fortunately, we have interesting options.

How to Pause a Video and Keep Recording on Your iPhone?

As we have mentioned, you will have to download an application from the App Store to be able to pause and resume recording a video. If you have ever downloaded an advanced camera app, it will surely include the pause option when recording video, if you don’t have any, we are going to recommend some interesting ones.

If you just want an app to record video, pause the recording and continue it on the iPhone, you have two very interesting free options that work well. Of course, to enjoy more options or to remove the ads you will have to do a little something inside the app, although they can be used for free.

Pause Video While Recording On iPhone

These two applications work in a similar way. In exchange for the odd advertisement, or a watermark, we can pause any video recording and continue it on the iPhone.

However, if you want something much more professional, and that also includes many other advanced features for your iPhone’s camera, our recommendation is ProCam. One of the best camera appeals on the App Store includes, among many other functions, the option to pause a video recording and resume it whenever we want.

At the moment Apple does not allow the Camera app to pause the video and continue it, we can only record two videos and join them later. But with these apps, this process is done automatically and you can save a continuous video clip, pausing the recording as many times as you want.

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