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How to Record a Video of Your Screen on Android

screen recorder

Sometimes, for work or personal needs, it is interesting to be able to record what appears on the screen of the mobile devices that you have. At the moment, the Android operating system does not offer this possibility natively, so you have to resort to third-party development such as Live recorder – Live screen record with audio.

This simple work that seeks, among other things, that anyone can record what they do with the phone or tablet that they have, as a whole is an adequate solution (yes, you cannot ask for very advanced options, since this is not among its purposes). Obviously you have to grant permissions to Live recorder – Live screen record with audio, something that we have verified does not offer any risk and is completely necessary for the proper functioning of the application. The installation, by the way, very simple since it is the usual one that is done from the application stores.

screen recorder

The user interface of this development is quite simple to use since there are not many options that can complicate something. Thus, for example, accessing the recording start button is very intuitive (it is in the lower right area). Of course, there is something that should be taken into account and that we believe is a handicap that developers should resolve: this title has not been translated. It is not a big problem in normal use, but it is when using Settings where, by the way, there are options that are interesting to set in a personalized way so that everything works exactly as desired. Regarding the operation, we have not detected serious problems by impacting the performance of the terminal, and it works perfectly on computers with 3 GB of RAM or more.

Uso muy sencillo en Live recorder – Live screen record with audio

This is one of the keys to the development we are talking about since everything has been established so that there is no difficulty in using it. Thus, once the Rec button mentioned above is pressed, recording begins directly and everything that is done, such as accessing an application or modifying something on the device, is recorded. By the way, a rather positive detail is that it is possible to configure everything so that a simple gesture (moving the smartphone twice) starts or ends the processes.

Among the options that can be found in Live recorder – Live screen record with audio is to allow the ambient sound to be recorded. This is established in the Settings, and it is positive since it enables tutorial videos to indicate what to do very simply and intuitively. The quality of this depends on the microphone of the terminal used, but the results have seemed correct to us … As in the video, where HD recordings are obtained.

It should be noted that it is possible to establish some important parameters and that they are positive. An example is that you can set a start delay time (seconds) for a setup to be established. In addition, you can also enable a card in the notification bar that makes it easy to start or stop a recording. By the way, that on the main screen of the Live recorder – Live screen record with audio it is possible to see the list of the recorded videos (there is the option to hide them if you wish) and, also, you can access a small editor that offers some modification options … that is not particularly powerful but for some, it may be enough.

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